How to check Broken Links on Blogs and Get Rid of Them

How to check broken link and get rid of them

Broken links can be refer to as dead, broken, bad hosted, or inactive links. Broken links is one of the factors that causes decline in the quality of a blog, especially the SEO factors and which may reduce the ranking of your blog on search engines.

Here is in this lesson are steps to discover and terminate broken links as well as preventing them.

What is Broken Link

In a simple definition: Broken link is a link at which when opened, it leads to an error, dead or inactive page.

As a new visitor on a blog or website, you tried to enter into a link with nice description and you found out the link directed you to an error page. It's more likely for you not to return to such blog or website.

Broken link deffects the level of trust visitors have on the information or services provided by a blog or website.

Causes of Broken Link

There are several factors which could lead to break-down of a link. These factors are discussed below:

1. Error or Mistake in writing Links

    When writing a link, you have to stay focused and take caution by going through article again and again. Broken links can also be an external link which is not part of your blog, so be careful.

2. Change of Domain

    After any changes in your domain, make sure all links are totally redirected to your newly gotten domain.

3. Change in permalink of a post/article

    Whenever there is a change in post title, there it also effect the permalink but in most cases it changes automatically. As well there might be issue in changing automatically so you need to check this and make manual changes.

4. Change in site directory

    This issue comes up only with self-hosted site like Wordpress. When you move files to a new directory all links change. Therefore you needs to diverted to th new directory.

5. Blog Comments

    When a comment is dropped in the comment box containing a link, disactiveness of this link also leads to a broken link. This is the most critical type because the owner of the blog may not be aware. So it is advisable to disallow link post in the comment section.

6. Deleted File

    Link to a file made for downloading for example images, videos, PDF or others should be as well monitored in case the file is deleted or moved from an address to other. This also leads to a broken link please take note.

How to Check for Broken Links

This can be done by checking links one after another...LOL. Sounds crazy? you would ask me what if you've got millions of links in your blog. But don't be scared.

Some websites has made it possible for you to be able to check broken links on your blog for free without spending a dime. It only takes a little few time!

So how do you go about this? Follow the steps below:

    1. Open the site given:
    2. Input your blog address and click the Find broken links
Find Broken Links
    3. Fill in the correct security code according to image that appears and click Find broken links now!
Finds broken links and get rid
    4. wait until the blog is fully checked. After few moment the reports will be out
Get rid of broken links
No broken link on Longtechy

Getting Rid of Broken Links

The images shown above is the report for Longtechy blog. There are no broken or dead links found on the blog. Lets watch and see it continue this way.

Like i told you dead links are mostly from the URL in the comment section especially the commenter profile links. So to overcome this follow the given steps below:

    1. Disable the profile URL on blogger comments. Just like in this blog, comments containg links are not allowed and the commenter name does not link to a profile.
    2. For other errors reported, click the src button next to it and you will be directed to the areticle. Just delete or edit the link


    1. When writing a link which is part of your blog, do not write in full form with the subdomain. See example below:
    Only write in the marked area starting from the slash (/).
    <a href="/p/contact-us.html" title="title">Texts</a>
    It is done this way because a day might come you change your domain. It will be of no need for you rewriting your links, it will automatically be re-directed
    2. Do not make an external link active, make it in a text form because you might not note changes in the link and which may lead to breakage


I recommend you check broken links regularly for atleast once in three months just for preventive maintenance.

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