Fetch More Visitors to Your Blog Taking These Few Steps

Fetch More Visitors to Your Blog Taking These Few Steps

This post will be teaching you the steps to follow to increase visitors/traffic of your blog

Entry Words

I knew Having a huge/large number of traffic will ever be the dream of all bloggers and writers, therefore i'm publishing this post for you to learn the basics of how to gain and keep visitors on your blog

Although, there are several post/articles on the internet similar to this, but some finds these posts to be complicated i.e Not easy to understand, which often ends up to be nothing.

This is why i'm bringing this to you in a simpler way for better understanding,

NOTE: You have some works to do also.

Reason for some failure in gaining visitors

Many have failed on gaining visitors on their blog going through some unnecessary tasks/procedure carelessly

What do i mean by this??? Below are the mistakes made by some blogger preventing them from obtaining visitors on their blog

Taking wrong teacher's tutors/lectures

Please i want you to note this, "There are no perfect/easy answers to getting more visitors to your blog, there are no quick tips, short-cut or whatsoever".

So because of this, do not listen to or never trust whoever call himself/herself an expert but failed to practice what he/she is teaching you.

Secondly, many of some who call themselves experts give you tutors for advertisement reasons, so as for you to regularly patronize them for their services, Do not listen to them if they haven't shown you their analytics or their legit previous works!

Also, i would advice if you can afford to pay for a SEO(Search Engines Optimization) Professional services like we do, its better you go for it, you can meet a GOOGLE SEO PROFESSIONAL easily.

Factors you should consider in order to gain more visitors to your blog

Here we'll be talking on four factors, perhaps reading this post i want you to go on a thought on your own to realize what you are good at doing i.e Other things you think might be done to attract visitors base on the content of your blog.

  • Reason for writing: This is the 1st basis you should think of before publishing a story/write-up, you should know what you are talking about and why you are talking about it, don't just do some copy-paste for the essence of much content on your blog
  • Author to Reader relationship: This is also one of the vital factors, you publishing a write-up should be able to convince the reader about the quality of your content also remind the readers to give feedback on what you've given, either right or wrong, good or bad. READERS should not be ignored on getting feedback
  • Regular Content Update: you shouldn't start a post you knew there will be no much chance for you to update regularly, doing this might hurt the readers feeling about your blog and might not want a glance back on your blog. This factor should be strictly adhere to;
  • References: When posting an article, you should be able to create time in making reference to pictures, time, location or other stuffs which you think the readers will be interested in.
  • How to get more visitors to your blog

    Now headed at the steps in getting more traffic to your blog; read it below carefully.

  • Get started: To create a blog there are various platform on the web, we have; BLOGGER.COM, WORDPRESS.COM, and many more..
  • Field of focus: you should  choose your field base on your hobby or what you are good at considering time, location, environment and more.
  • Socialize: This is one good way you take your blog to a higher level, i believe everyone knows what is meant by this; Using social media to promote your contents by sharing with friends, family and strangers. there are more well known social media outta there: we have, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tik-tok e.t.c
  • Relate with visitors: Like i said earlier, give the visitors chances to give feedback and do not be sluggish to respond to their request, wishes, questions or suggestions.
  • Regularity: Your regular presence is important to your visitors, for you own yourself no more, you now belongs to them and make sure you post and give updates regularly!
  • Conclusion

    I told you there are many and more advance way to get visitors to your blog, what i have for you above are just the basics, which can help in many ways.

    Thanks for visiting LONGTECHY, if you have any question regarding this post or you need some help please drop a comment below..